In the marketing environment, you need to create and upload a lot of client reports. Sometimes the creation of reports is tedious and you spend precious time building Excel worksheets unnecessarily. These reports are of the utmost importance; but the clients want to see results instead of long reports. You can save the long hours of reporting and, at the same time, satisfy the client…and, you can achieve this with easy-to-use tools, such as Tableau.

Tableau is groundbreaking software based on data visualization, providing to you and the client a great experience in the reporting process, eliminating complications compiling the information that really matters. (See Image 1.1 for an example of Data Visualization)

Tableau has an interactive dashboard where the clients can find answers to their own questions and communicate with the rest of the team, improving the Client-to-Team (C2T) relationship.

With Tableau, the entire process of reporting, using data virtualization or the dashboard, takes just minutes and is as easy as clicking a button.


Image 1.1 Data Visualization

Article written by Oscar Monge​ September 29, 2020